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The zebrafish breeding system has been successfully installed at Fujian Normal University!

release time: 2017-06-29      Browse:53

Recently, Fujian NormalUniversity purchased two zebrafish breeding systems, TMG1000 and TMG2000, and whichhas successfully completed the installation and debugging.The users’ feedbackis good.It solves the major problems of marine aquaculture. The zebrafishbreeding system can be used not only for fresh water, sea water and outdoorenvironment, and a wide range of applications on life science, drug screening,disease research, toxicology research, environmental monitoring, aquaculture,agricultural science and other fields. The tank also adopts the overflowcirculation mode, which can clean the solid residue automatically, and play thehigh efficiency water circulation effect.It’s convenient and efficient!Thmorgan will make its efforts to provide better service to new and oldcustomers!

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